Tracey Shelton is an Australian freelance journalist covering conflict in the Middle East and North Africa.
Working across platforms as a writer, photographer and video producer she has covered conflict and the legacy of war in eight countries most notably Libya, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. She previously worked as senior correspondent for GlobalPost covering the Middle East and North Africa.

In 2012, her photographs from Aleppo Syria went viral via mainstream and social media. Her video reports over the same time period won her a George Polk Honor. She also covered the Libyan Civil War and obtained exclusive footage of Muammar Gaddafi's death that challenged the widely accepted narrative that he was killed by NATO forces. Her work led to the opening of a UN enquiry.

Shelton began her carrer as a photojournalist and newspaper reporter for the Phnom Penh Post, Cambodia. Under her management as photo editor, the photography team won several international awards in both photography and multimedia.
Her first book, which detailed the lives of Cambodian children, was released at the Sydney Opera House in 2009.

Shelton was presented with the coveted George Polk Award for Video Reporting by Carl Bernstein for a series of work on Aleppo Syria throughout 2012. Bernstein remarked that Shelton had communicated "the human tragedy of the conflict in Syria in a way that is impossible to ignore or forget. Through powerful video, viscerally engaging images and authoritative writing, she gave voice and face to those most affected by the civil war."

Her work has been awarded more than a dozen international accolades including a Peabody and an OPC. Her articles, photography and documentaries have appeared in TIME magazine, GlobalPost, Sydney Morning Herald, Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN, Chanel 4 News, PBS, the GroundTruth Project and many other publications and websites.

MA – Multimedia Journalism / University of Bolton 2012
Recipient of the Student Award, the Vice Chancellor’s Award and the Governor’s Prize.

UN Global Issues Press Fellowship / United Nations Foundation, NYC 2015

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Sunrise Children's Villages, Cambodia - Children's orphanage center based in Phnom Penh.
Shelton has been closely involved with the children throughout their lives since 1998. The Phnom Penh center currently provides housing and education to around 120 children as well as dozens of outreach high school and university students.

Toppling Gaddafi: The Revolution through Libyan Eyes
Released October 20, 2012 - the 1st anniversary of the end of the Libyan uprising.
From the frontlines to the hospitals and support centers of Libya's iconic uprising, this book collects the stories of the people who fought, suffered and emerged victorious. These are the heart-rending, and often inspiring, accounts of nine revolutionaries, as told in their own words, images and artwork. This book came from more than a year of living and working with the Libyan people. It was inspired by the courage, solidarity and sacrifice that carried them to victory.
Click here to access an online version or download from the itunes store.

We Can Be…
Released at the Sydney Opera House Oct 10, 2009.
This publication was written, photographed and designed for the children of Sunrise Village. It explores through pictures the daily lives, activities and ambitions of the children of Sunrise, a Cambodian orphanage I have been involved with for 15 years.

Dance to the Light
Released at the Sydney Opera House Oct 10, 2009.
Photography of classic Khmer dancing in the traditional settings of the Cambodian countryside.

Dance to the Light
Foreign Correspondents Club, Phnom Penh.
All proceeds were donated to the Sunrise Children’s Village Education Fund

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